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The Gestalt deals with the "here and now". It's about ongoing process.

Alanis Morisset sings: "The only way out is through" and in Gestalt we could not agree more:
Stay with your feelings, breathe and the shift will come.

I will give you the support, I will walk with you through it.
A fable attributed to Han Fi Tzu tells about a man who wanted new shoes. He measured his feet,
but forgot the ruler at home and went to the market. When he arrived at the shoemaker's stand,
he remembered that he had forgotten the ruler and doubled back.
He found the ruler on his chair and rushed back to the market, but the market stands were empty,
therefore he was unable to buy shoes for himself.
"You could have tried the shoes on your feet!" said his neighbor.
"I trust my ruler better" was his answer.
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